Tips to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Assault

From the highest office of the land to the glitzy halls of Hollywood to conservative newsrooms and even to ordinary homes, more and more victims of sexual assault are coming out into the open. Sexual abuse is so pervasive that it can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, the toll it has on kids can be particularly devastating. Here are some tips to help you protect your kids from sexual assault.

• Become actively involved in your kid’s life.

Most of us today are very busy with our careers and other aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, this shifts our attention from our kids. Children need our undivided attention, lest they look for attention somewhere else. It is in these instances when sexual predators can easily prey on hapless victims because they are especially vulnerable – they long for someone to be with them, to play with them. That is why getting involved in your kid’s life is one of the best ways to protect them against sexual abuse.

• Encourage your child to speak up.

An important aspect of protecting our children against sexual predators is to open the lines of communication and to keep its integrity. Encourage your child to talk about how her day has been, what she did in school, or even who she met along the way. Do it in a manner that doesn’t feel like you’re interrogating your kid, however. Simply let her talk. The best way you can do this is to let her feel that you are her friend that she can trust.

• Be on the lookout for ‘red flags’.

Sexual predators have mastered the art of gaining their victims’ trust. They are overly affectionate of kids even to the point that other people might even mistake them for being the parent of the child. There are many ways in which you can spot a potential sexual predator. Your best recourse is to check with the sex offender registry. If the person is not in the list, you should still maintain your guard.

• Always have someone you trust supervise them if you cannot do so yourself.

Your presence is a must whenever your kid has to go to a certain place to engage in a particular activity. However, there will be many instances where your presence is simply not feasible. So make sure that you have someone keeping a watchful eye on your kid. And if your child happens to join a group activity, make sure that the person who is supposed to be going with them is someone that every parent of the kids in the group respect and trust and then seek help from any of the professionals in family lawyers Houston.

• Know where your kids are and who they’re with.

With the advent of technology, this is now a lot easier to accomplish. However, an important point to remember is to make sure your child understands the importance of knowing who she is with and where she is.

Protecting your child from sexual assault starts with your commitment to learn everything you can about child sexual abuse. From there, you can adhere to these simple tips.

Why A Lawyer Should Always Communicate With A Bail Bondsman

Lawyers and bail bondsman typically have a similar situation as they are both defending the clients freedom. In a normal situation the attorney will work with defendant even before the defendant goes on trial. With bail bondsman, they are more in tact with the client after trial. So why should attorneys work with an experienced bonds man? Lets go over a few reasons together, now:

Attorneys and Bondsman can start a great relationship to better help clients: 

The title really says it all here. Not only is it good for business (as the two parties will refer each other more business, but it also betters their service. This can overall help the attorneys and bondsman’s reputation. For example, someone who has been incarcerated can feel so confused after a judge sets out a bail, an attorney with a strong connection to a bail bondsman, will give their client peace of mind that their is an outcome. A confused client can cost both parties more clients in the near future.

Attorneys and Bondsman work in a very similar work field

Bail Bonds

By the nature of the court system, bail agents and attorneys spend hours in the courts. Courts can have lengthy hours and it would be ideal to have a court partner to strategically go over clients. The two working together helps the client from start to finish. After the arrest and after the bail is set out for the defendants.

A relationship between Attorneys and Bail agents would strike a referral frenzy 

In a relationship between the two professionals, would include:

  • Increased referrals from both parties
  • Increased brand exposure as each firm compliments another
  • More visitors to the local business from word of mouth
  • Smoother transitions for clients
  • Less wait time when incarcerated

Thinking about it logically when someone is trying to post bail, they have to use the pay phone to call their bail agent which can be difficult. If the clients attorney has a bail partner, the attorney can quickly call the bail agent and pot bail quickly.

In conclusion: 

A partner ship like this would help both agencies drastically increase their business by working together. You can follow Derwin Griffith’s Youtube Channel to watch more practical tips on increasing your business as an attorney.

4 Tips for Lawyers Looking To Invest In SEO

Just like any other business, lawyers of all specialties rely on new customers to fuel their business. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in corporate law, divorce matters or DWI offenses, without new customers walking though the door your bound to go out of business eventually.

While some law first are able to run high dollar TV ads and invest in Billboards, many attorneys don’t find that to be the best use of their marketing budget. Besides, how often are people sitting in their chairs at home with a DWI hanging over their heads, watching TV waiting for a commercial to come on to direct them where to go. Those people are far more likely to pick up their phone and do some research to find the right attorney for them to help them deal with their problem.

The problem is, if your law firm doesn’t come up on the first page of the search results for your specialty, the chances of a potential client finding you is greatly reduced. If you’re looking to increase your SERP rankings you’re going to need to contract with a professional. If you’ve never made an investment in SEO before, you might not know what questions to ask potential service providers. Knowing a little bit about SEO will be a big help in making sure you find a quality company to help you, there are a lot shady companies out there that will promise you the world but really don’t know what it takes to deliver.

We contacted SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing Agency for some questions you should be asking any potential search engine optimization company.

  1.  Who is going to be in control of all the accounts created? The answer should be, you. In the process of doing SEO on your website there will be a lot of accounts created on your behalf. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, just to name a few, these accounts will be created under an email address that you should ultimately own. The best practice would be to create a special email address at your url that you give them access to. If you ever decide to part ways with that company you want to have access to everything that they did on your behalf.
  2. What happens to all the links that you create if we no longer work with you? For the most part, the answer should be, they will remain up. Doing SEO in the lawyer niche will require you to pay for some directory placements that have an annual or monthly fee. If you decide to fire your SEO company and you don’t keep paying for those links they will be removed from the directory and that will hurt your rankings in the long run. Other links that they build though Guest Posts or Sponsored Posts should remain up. The worst case scenario is that your company built links that they can easily take down if you fire them. In that case, you could end up losing all the links they built for you and that crash your rankings.
  3. What kind of reports will I get? At a minimum you should be receiving weekly ranking updates. Additionally, I would request a report of all directories that you have been submitted to along with the username and password for those accounts. This goes back to points I made in the previous two questions. I would also request a list of guest and sponsored posts that have been done on your behalf as well. It’s likely that your SEO company won’t want to divulge all the links they are building for you, if you trust the company you’re working with that’s fine actually. But at a minimum, they should be providing you ranking and directory reports.

The key point I want to get across is that you want to maintain as much control over the assets that are created for you as possible.  Unless you find a good quality SEO provider there will likely come a time where you fire them and you want that to go as smoothly as possible to avoid any negative consequences for our site.

3 Kinds Of Lawyer Specialties That You Should Know

Every aspect of our society in Minnesota is affected by the legal system from the signing of a contract to driving in your own car. This is the reason why lawyers hold a great responsibility in upholding and adhering to a strict code of ethics. There are many kinds of lawyers out there who normally perform different responsibilities and duties. Some of those areas that lawyers specialize in include: bankruptcy, environmental law, intellectual property rights and so on. These lawyers can represent you in court, mediation problems, business transactions, family matter and so on. Having a lawyer is essential as he or she will be able to counsel you about your legal rights and obligations. The following are 3 kinds of lawyer specialties that you should know:

1. Bankruptcy lawyers

A bankruptcy lawyer basically helps you when you can no longer pay your creditors. You will realize that bankruptcy is the financial end of the road for those who can no longer pay their debts. If you want to declare yourself bankrupt, you can actually hire a lawyer to represent you. It is always important to hire a qualified and skilled lawyer so that you can win a case.

2. Estate lawyer

It is always advisable to write a will in order to dictate what will happen to your assets the moment you die. If you do not write a will, there might be family fights over the assets. You will realize that it will take longer for your family to receive your assets. This is the reason why you should hire an estate lawyer so that he or she can help you with estate planning process. In addition, this attorney will help your family with various types of trusts that can help in transferring assets more securely.

3. Divorce lawyer

Conflicts are normal in marriages. However, these conflicts can actually lead to divorce. When there is a divorce, there are many factors that have to be considered when it comes to deciding who gets what. This actually includes the possessions and the custody of children. A divorce lawyer will help to mediate both parties so that each party gets a fair deal.

Those are kinds of lawyer specialties that you are likely to come across. Each lawyer has his or her own function. Hire a lawyer and you will enjoy the results.